tarot readings

Lenor Fini, who were you really?
Playing Marseille, by Ryan Edward


ask me your question via email, and receive my reading, with a photo of the cards and a written description.

feel free to provide as much background context as you wish, or none at all.

i’m currently offering small readings (3 cards) for $25, and medium readings (5-7 cards) for $35.

ask me your question by email


la mort (what kind of readings do i give?)
Camoin/Jodorowsky Tarot de Marseille


for professional readings i work mostly with the Tarot de Marseille or Playing Marseille.

i use the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot upon request.

into the belly of the whale, through the deepest forest, legba guides
New Orleans Voodoo Tarot


a bit about my relationship to the Tarot…

i was curious about Tarot for a very long time, but my religious upbringing wanted me to believe that cards and divination are “evil”.

once i rid myself of that religious baggage (something that took a very long time, mind you), i got my first reading from a proper gypsy.
(many of my friends made fun of me for getting my cards read.)

shortly thereafter i bought my first deck – the mighty Thoth.
i loved the images, but often times found the word on each card distracting.
at the time i relied on Angeles Arian’s Jung-inspired book to tell me the meanings for each card.

at some point i began collecting decks.
i was so drawn to the cards, and was totally fascinated with the world of tarot, but much of the information i found didn’t resonate with me, neither in the little books that accompany the cards, or with what i was reading in larger works.

then i came upon the Tarot de Marseille, and shortly thereafter, the work of Camelia Elias. that’s when the power of the tarot began to crystallize for me.

through my studies with her and the Marseille Tarot, i have learned to read the cards in her zen-influenced style – “like the devil”.
which is to say, i don’t rely on inherent meanings and stories for each card.

i look at the cards, vis-a-vis the context (your question), and i read what i see based on the images before me.

the same card can have many different meanings, depending on where it lands in the string, its relationship to other cards, and the question.

readings are strictly confidential, and are offered with care from the privacy of my magical little witch hut.


email me your question