tarot readings

Lenor Fini, who were you really?
Playing Marseille, by Ryan Edward


ask me one question via email, and receive a no-nonsense personal reading in response.

readings are in the form of a written response, and include a photo of the 3-card string.

you are welcome to provide an explanation of the situation if you like, or not. (context can be  very helpful, and may lead to a more useful reading for you.)

ask me your question

i currently use the Tarot de Marseille, or the Playing Marseille, if the situation calls for it.

la mort (what kind of readings do i give?)
Camoin/Jodorowsky Tarot de Marseille


i have an affinity for the death card.
…or maybe it has an affinity for me.

i usually know when La Mort is going to show up in a reading, and it was no different with  the one pictured above, when i asked the cards:
what kind of readings do i give?

…while my readings offer just guidance, don’t be surprised if i cut off your head.

(the sun card was at the cut, reflecting the sharing nature of reading cards for others. death happens, the sun rises.)


the death card is a reminder that everything comes to an end.
nothing lasts. change is the only constant. impermanence reigns.

in my work (largely influenced by the Zen teachings of Camelia Elias), i practice death – death to my ego and all my attachments.

if you seek a reading from me, know that my aim is to read the cards, for you, without attachment.

après la mort, le soleil.

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love & bisous,

p.s. – a song came to mind as i was writing this, so i’ll share it here with you: