6 things i’m enjoying right now

hi friends, today i thought i’d share some of the things i’ve been enjoying lately, from articles and books to music and so on. i’d love to hear what you’re enjoying lately too! here are six, in no particular order: 1. Curiosity Stream is an online network of “factual TV”, sorta like netflix, but it focuses on documentaries. i’ve been watching one called ‘Ancient Worlds’, which is … Continue reading 6 things i’m enjoying right now

four loves (and they are all the same)

      making music is my love. creating, exploring and singing… being in sync and harmony with other people… reminding myself to breathe my heart into every note and every beat… it is satisfying and challenging, in the cathartic way. /\ drumming for dance class is my love. closing my eyes and tuning into the multitude of rhythms and footsteps around me, feeling where i … Continue reading four loves (and they are all the same)

videos of artists i love. in honor of Black History Month

Nina Simone. One of my all-time favorites. She is vital, true, formidable. Her voice… that piano playing… those words…. damn. She speaks to my soul and leaves me speechless. /\ Josephine Baker. The incomparable. Her story is fascinating. (this documentary is just under and hour, and worth every minute.) /\ BB King. This is classic BB, plus a glimpse into the times and feeling of the … Continue reading videos of artists i love. in honor of Black History Month

a post about drumming

i love drumming. i get lost in it and sometimes it saves me. similar to dancing, in a way…  transformative, expressive, cathartic and so much fucking fun. truth be told, drumming makes me feel powerful. last month i went to a  women’s drum camp (and took precisely one photo, above). i’ve wanted to go ever since i first heard about it several years ago. i finally got … Continue reading a post about drumming

Zora on Jazz

  I love the way Zora describes her experience listening to Jazz music.  This paragraph is an excerpt from “How It Feels to Be Colored Me”: “In the abrupt way that jazz orchestras have, this one plunges into a number. It loses no time in circumlocutions, but gets right down to business. It contricts the thorax and splits the heart with its tempo and narcotic harmonies. … Continue reading Zora on Jazz