Voyage, silence

I go through these phases of feeling particularly intoxicated by nature, and the unseen energies I feel in the natural world. …whatever they are. (Spirits? Ancestors? Gods and Goddesses? The frequencies of the cosmos?) Whatever it is (or they are), right now I’m having one of those phases. …Wanting to light candles, burn incense, and luxuriate in my (real or imagined) connection with spirits. I’m … Continue reading Voyage, silence

enjoy the ride

Hi friends, I’ve felt lethargic and out of sorts the past couple days. My partner has been feeling the same way. … so I’m wondering if there might be an astrological explanation for it. I’m not really an astrology person. I understand my chart and the basics of the houses/planets, but when it comes to transits I’m at a total loss. … so if you … Continue reading enjoy the ride

when the cards teach the real lessons

30 day tarot challenge, day 18: What’s my message for today? The Two of Swords has returned! This time it’s the first card down. This is interesting to me, because I’ve been thinking about yesterday’s reading… feeling like I didn’t quite nail it. With the Two Swords being in the second position yesterday, the message was really about some trouble ahead. (If the string ends … Continue reading when the cards teach the real lessons