enjoy the ride

Hi friends, I’ve felt lethargic and out of sorts the past couple days. My partner has been feeling the same way. … so I’m wondering if there might be an astrological explanation for it. I’m not really an astrology person. I understand my chart and the basics of the houses/planets, but when it comes to transits I’m at a total loss. … so if you … Continue reading enjoy the ride

when the cards teach the real lessons

30 day tarot challenge, day 18: What’s my message for today? The Two of Swords has returned! This time it’s the first card down. This is interesting to me, because I’ve been thinking about yesterday’s reading… feeling like I didn’t quite nail it. With the Two Swords being in the second position yesterday, the message was really about some trouble ahead. (If the string ends … Continue reading when the cards teach the real lessons