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videos of artists i love. in honor of Black History Month

Nina Simone. One of my all-time favorites. She is vital, true, formidable. Her voice… that piano playing… those words…. damn. She speaks to my soul and leaves me speechless. /\ Josephine Baker. The incomparable. Her story is fascinating. (this documentary is just under and hour, and worth every minute.) /\ BB King. This is classic… Continue reading videos of artists i love. in honor of Black History Month

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so damn liberating

i’m artjournaling again :] here’s a glimpse of my current book: i’m having so much fun with this one. no rules. no goals. no prompts or guides. just play play play & who gives a shit how it looks. each entry an honest expression of that moment and nothing more. if you’ve never art-journaled, and are… Continue reading so damn liberating

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Paris, je t’aime

~~~ Like so many around the world, I’ve felt shocked and saddened by the events that occurred in France last Friday. I honestly haven’t known what to do with it. (except avoid the topic all together and write about gardening. fucking random.) I feel such a connection to that place, and Paris especially. Even though… Continue reading Paris, je t’aime

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this new moon and two songs (with video)

me and my blog are going through a bit of a transition. it’s been an experiment from the start. i didn’t (and still don’t) have a clear topic that i want to discuss here. i haven’t arrived at any conclusions. i’m basically using this as a way to figure some shit out. (i’m clearly all… Continue reading this new moon and two songs (with video)

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bodhicitta and my shadow

~~~ after a string of particularly sad and frustrating days, i had a really beautiful experience. i had just gone to a friend’s show, and i was standing outside under an awning to stay out of the rain. i had noticed this particular building on my previous walks that night (when i needed to escape… Continue reading bodhicitta and my shadow