whispering tales with wild ones

  i’m drawing a line, red-laced with berries a jagged fire-green boundary, vast and holding many secrets from now on, i endeavor to let her be my hedge. she grows freely, this creature – offers endless bird-fruits in the fall she grows freely in the hills, this creature – she may hurt you if you’re careless. from now on i claim her as my hedge. … Continue reading whispering tales with wild ones

an Adrienne Rich poem, and reading the cards

last year, in the midst of the cheeto’s supposed “win” of the elections, a friend introduced me to the most poignant poem by Adrienne Rich. i think i read it a hundred times, between tears. and each time i read it a new line struck a chord in me. so i decided to use it in an assignment given to me by my teacher, Camelia Elias. (as some … Continue reading an Adrienne Rich poem, and reading the cards


Originally posted on TAROFLEXIONS:
Last night I have concluded a 5-month long run of my online class Cards and Magic. I had a fabulous time, and judging by the comments upon closing from the people in the class, there’s great reason to celebrate. But here’s something that I can share with everyone else out here. The very last question in the live session was this:… Continue reading WHAT IS THE DEVIL TO YOU?

i really love the incense i made. i can’t believe i created such a yummy smelling thing with whatever ingredients i had on hand. you guys! this feels heroic. yeah, it’s basically copal, with some added goodies. (the orange and cloves are the most distinguishable scents. i think i’ll use more lavender next time – probably by adding some essential oil after the dry ingredients … Continue reading