repost, re: mushrooms and the magic of the unseen

Joining the Unseen Though we pride ourselves in this country on what we can capture, quantify and see, it’s a simple fact that the vast (and I mean vast) majority of our world is made up of the unseen. As human beings we are only privy to a very small window of experience. Meanwhile […] via Reishi: A Psychedelic of the Unseen — One Willow Apothecaries Continue reading repost, re: mushrooms and the magic of the unseen

Reading cards with my gramma

Hi friends, It’s officially Autumn now… the juiciest time of the year…. with the best weather…. and leaves turning colors…. the crisp air… and days getting noticeably shorter, making me wanna hunker in… and oh yes – pumpkin flavored everything. Fall is by far my favorite season. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandma. She died just over a year ago, on the … Continue reading Reading cards with my gramma

Life in one day (April photos, take two)

April was chaos you guys. with work. and taxes. and training a new employee. and so much work. and hardly any yoga. and then i got sick.  …so while i had ideas of being an awesome blogger in April, that all went to shit.  i did manage to take some photos though. i think taking photos this month actually helped me stay sane. (i posted … Continue reading Life in one day (April photos, take two)

6 things i’m enjoying right now

hi friends, today i thought i’d share some of the things i’ve been enjoying lately, from articles and books to music and so on. i’d love to hear what you’re enjoying lately too! here are six, in no particular order: 1. Curiosity Stream is an online network of “factual TV”, sorta like netflix, but it focuses on documentaries. i’ve been watching one called ‘Ancient Worlds’, which is … Continue reading 6 things i’m enjoying right now

four loves (and they are all the same)

      making music is my love. creating, exploring and singing… being in sync and harmony with other people… reminding myself to breathe my heart into every note and every beat… it is satisfying and challenging, in the cathartic way. /\ drumming for dance class is my love. closing my eyes and tuning into the multitude of rhythms and footsteps around me, feeling where i … Continue reading four loves (and they are all the same)

my outside

fall is my favorite time of year. …for some admittedly pretty witchy reasons (ancestors, rituals, darkness, oh yes)…. but mainly because of the weather. i’ve been spending most of my time outside this weekend… doing nothing much but mulling things over in my mind, and enjoying the fresh air, damp earth, yellowing leaves, greening hillside, and all around yum of autumn. i always feel like we … Continue reading my outside