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Yesterday I sent out my monthly missive, The Art of Reading, to the many magical souls who follow my work and my words. In my monthly letters I give people a specific idea to think about, and a cartomatic practice or ritual work with. As I got word that my suggested 3-card reading yesterday is very useful for the solstice ritual,… Continue reading THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE MAD

repost, re: mushrooms and the magic of the unseen

Joining the Unseen Though we pride ourselves in this country on what we can capture, quantify and see, it’s a simple fact that the vast (and I mean vast) majority of our world is made up of the unseen. As human beings we are only privy to a very small window of experience. Meanwhile […] via Reishi: A Psychedelic of the Unseen — One Willow Apothecaries Continue reading repost, re: mushrooms and the magic of the unseen

seriously, the guy has a point

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I got metaphorically spanked a couple of days ago. Folks have been talking about the Fearless Girl statue ever since it was dropped in Manhattan’s Financial District some five weeks ago.?I have occasionally added a comment or two to some of the online discussions about the statue. Recently most of the Fearless Girl?discussions have focused on the complaints by Arturo… Continue reading seriously, the guy has a point

Nice Girls vs. Kind Women

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This post is a bit of a departure from my normal blog material (namely— nature, plants, poetry, ecology and metaphor), but with the coming march on Washington this weekend, and the potency of so many women standing in their power across the county— proclaiming, in hard set voices and many-faceted hearts, that we will not stand by and see… Continue reading Nice Girls vs. Kind Women

Your Astrological Trump Survival Guide

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Read for your sun sign. You can also explore your secret weapons by reading the description of your north node sign (in which case, ignore the Achilles heel). Relevant under all conditions of tyranny. (If you need a little extra help during these times, I’m offering 20 minute Trump emergency planning readings for $10 (just enough to cover costs). Whatever… Continue reading Your Astrological Trump Survival Guide


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Last night I have concluded a 5-month long run of my online class Cards and Magic. I had a fabulous time, and judging by the comments upon closing from the people in the class, there’s great reason to celebrate. But here’s something that I can share with everyone else out here. The very last question in the live session was this:… Continue reading WHAT IS THE DEVIL TO YOU?

(Wild)Craft a loose incense for Lughnasadh

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A loose incense I made earlier this year using frankincense, sandalwood, roses, dried orange peel and cinnamon bark. For your Lughnasadh (aka Lammas) rituals, consider crafting your own loose incense for burning on your altar or in a bonfire. Scott Cunningham suggested this recipe in his book The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews: 🌿 2 parts*… Continue reading (Wild)Craft a loose incense for Lughnasadh