dance is my jam. i love all kinds… from modern to salsa to tap. but i especially love dancing to live drumming. it was Haitian folkloric dance and rhythms that inspired me to learn to play the drums… and in 2009 i did something crazy and joined this band. [it’s dark and doomy and amazing, if i say so myself.]

i’m a gardener by trade (i wrote a blog post about it once)… i’m in love with mushrooms and nature and fractals… i fantasize about being a badass alchemist of awesome herbal potions…

i also drink a lot of beer, talk to my dead dog, smother my cat with kisses constantly [he mostly puts up with it], and i get really fucking fired up about the injustices of the world.

nago dance air
“there’s no pointed feet in nago!” -Djenane St Juste (photo credit Afoutayi Haiti)


my hair has always been a thing… part of my identity. [probably just an enormous wooby, honestly]. i started locking it in the fall of 2006, while studying “Women’s Spirituality” in San Francisco. i’m not really a hippie – i’ll take Mogwai over The Dead any damn day of the week. or a Rasta [though who doesn’t love Bob Marley?], but the wild came OUT. my hair and my perspective changed forever. i guess learning about ancient, matriarchal, goddess-worshiping cultures had that effect on me.

because of my obsession with rocks, wood, bone, and all materials that feel ancient, weathered and natural, sometimes i make jewelry. i do this in a magical way, which is to say it’s a transformative thing – done in the company of my favorite mythological entities (Oya is almost always present. she really fucking loves jewelry).

so that’s more about me than you probably wanted to know.

thanks for dropping by, and do feel free to reach out. i think you can do that now by commenting here, or on one of my posts.


sami at cmj BW cropped
photo credit Marco Denzer, Brooklyn

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