although honey bees are my favorite of the flying creatures, in my nature i’m more like a dragonfly – always darting this way and that.

i have a cantankerous tabby cat named Monsieur Squeaks B. McMeow. (the B stands for Burt – a name he’s growing into more and more every day. but i usually call him ‘kitten’.)

my life partner is also my band mate and work partner. (and he’s an adorable cat dad.)

our band is named C A L L O W (we call it Dream Doom. you can listen here).

our work is gardening and growing plants. we’re in the process of creating an apothecary that specializes in medicinal oils and tinctures.

i have an M.A. in Women’s Spirituality, and a B.A. in French Language & Literature / Dance Performance.

i’ve lived in France, and have done a fair bit of traveling around the world. living abroad was my first true education, in that it opened my eyes to the world in a way that nothing else ever could.

some of my most profound and life-changing experiences were traveling in central Mexico and Haiti.

i study Haitian folkloric drumming with Daniel Brevil, and Afro-Cuban Batá with Elizabeth Sayer.

i love to dance. i mostly do it on my own these days – solo dance groove sessions are my jam.

i began working with the Tarot when my life was at a crossroads and i needed guidance. Camelia Elias is my teacher and mentor – not only in the art of reading cards, but in the philosophy of Zen.

i’ve been tempted to become an herbalist for a long time. i recently earned a certificate in Intuitive Plant Medicine from One Willow Apothecaries.

sometimes i facilitate hand-drumming workshops. i love to teach people how to drum, and i learn so much in the process.

i spend most of my time outside. nature is my greatest teacher.