9 things i’m enjoying right now (in the winter spirit of slowing down & being receptive to the moment).

altar magic, photo by sami

hi friends,
i hope this message finds you well.

winter is here, isn’t it.

…we’ve been eating crock-pot soup for dinner, and it’s night all afternoon. my partner asked me to guess the time the other day, and i said 9:30pm. (it was only 7:36.)

i was about to write something about how the frenetic energy of the holidays is in full-tilt n whatnot, but it doesn’t really feel like the holidays to me right now. (whatever that means or however that’s supposed to feel…)

…what i am feeling is the slow-resting contemplation of the dark season.

so this list that i’ve put together for you is just what i’ve said – things i’m enjoying right now. none of these things has anything to do with the holidays, but they may have everything to do with the season of slowing down and appreciating the moment.


1~~~ a conversation with poet philosopher David Whyte, on the ‘On Being’ podcast. the entire episode is really enjoyable to listen to. i especially like his recitation of his poem “Everything is waiting for you”.
“To feel abandoned is to deny the intimacy of your surroundings…”

2~~~ The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull, by Earth (a drone metal/ instrumental band, whom i adore. the drummer – Adrienne Davies – is such an inspiration to me). i recently saw them perform this album at The Chapel in SF. it was awesome. prepare to close your eyes and be carried off to another realm.

3~~~ The Scots Reading List, compiled by Sarah Anne Lawless. it’s a large collection of books, articles, and source materials on Scottish witchcraft, folklore, language, herbalism, etc.. for anyone who has Scottish ancestry (i have it on both sides of my lineage, i’ve just discovered!), this is very exciting indeed:)

4~~~ Après la premiere page is an instagram page and podcast dedicated to sharing the new works of female writers of African origins. awesome on its own, with the added bonus of helping us French speakers keep up with the language.

5~~~ The Overstory, by Richard Powers. a book about the wondrous nature of trees, and the relationships we cultivate with them (or not, sadly). it’s a tear-jerker, but also beautifully inspiring.

6~~~ this tender song by Arborea:

7~~~ “Essential Muir; A Selection of John Muir’s Best Writings”. as much as i admire the work of John Muir, i didn’t know much about his early life, before he became an influential environmentalist. (i didn’t even know he was a Scot!) i’m enjoying reading his writings from different stages of his life, and learning of the things that shaped him.

8~~~ “The Illustrated Herbiary”, by Maia Toll. A beautiful and enchanting look at a collection of herbs, along with their personalities and some of their uses. Here’s a photo of the inside of the book, which i took on a magical evening spent with Mugwort:

photo by sami

9~~~ making altars. (see the photo at the top of this post, an altar i created earlier this month). i keep the process really simple – i light a candle and just wait to see what shows up. it’s always surprising, and deeply nourishing. i love seeing what comes together, how the different items interact with each other, and what insights are revealed. for me, making altars is one of the most potent forms of magic. ❤

well loves, that’s my list. i hope something here speaks to you, and inspires you to slow down and feed your soul this winter, in whatever way works for you.

wishing you a peaceful holiday season.



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