La Mort (a poem, a wee check-in, and offering my card reading services)

la mort
le petit mort

the difference between


is minuscule, as far as the song
of language is

at least for those who speak French.


i was attempting to transfer some ideas i wrote about death (La Mort) from a page about my card reading services, but in grand gemini style, i got totally side-tracked mid-process. whatever profound thing i wrote about death (or not profound at all), has “gone to the great away”, as a friend likes to say.

vanished. from my head, and from the computer.

dead indeed.

but a poem sprang up in its place, so cheers to that. (and c’est la vie.)

the point i was hoping to get at, in any case, is that i’m happy to let you know that i’ve recently updated my tarot readings page.

….if you have a burning question and would like a card reading, i’m offering short readings (3-5 cards) via email.

visit my tarot readings page for more info.


wishing you a happy autumn and dark half of the year.

i know i haven’t written a blog post in ages, but i do tend to nest up and feel more inspired to put down my thoughts in a public way in the winter months, so hopefully i’ll be checking in again soon.

much love,

ps – if you’d like to know more about my tarot practice & style, i’ve written several tarot posts (which you can find under the ‘tarot’ tab at the top of this blog), and follow me on instagram.


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