whispering tales with wild ones


red pyracantha berries

i’m drawing a line, red-laced with berries

a jagged fire-green boundary, vast and
holding many secrets

from now on, i endeavor to let her be my hedge.

she grows freely, this creature – offers
endless bird-fruits in the fall

she grows freely in the hills, this creature – she may hurt you
if you’re careless.

from now on i claim her as my hedge.

divide me from the ones who say
nature is for controlling

from now on i’ll let her divide me… when i need to

…from those who say shrubs are for trimming into
perfect boxes

…from those who say nature belongs to them; that we
are separate

…from those who think that plants must be undying
spectacles, forever.

from now on i shall let this creature meander between that world, and the one i want to live in

let her wander on her own unruly accord

let her remind me that there are those who want to tame
the wildness

and there are those of us who want to let it be.

so that’s where i’ll be
beyond the thorny red-berry hedge

whispering tales with the wild ones
who live and die so freely.


i don’t consider myself a poet, but sometimes it’s fun to try.

i’ve been making some updates to my blog, and i really love way things are coming together. and, i’ve decided to start offering tarot readings, on a pay-what-you-can donation basis.

other juicy online classes and offerings are in the works. more on that to come :}




4 thoughts on “whispering tales with wild ones

  1. Love it!!! I’ve always tamed the wildness into gardens but, as I got older, the line between plant and weed got thinner and I questioned it more. I just had a disagreement with Tim’s gardener yesterday about which weeds have to be removed because they take over and which weeds can be allowed because they are flowering. xoxo

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