Oya & nine cards

For I am Oya!
Who knows how to calm me down
knows how to prosper.

(from Oya; in praise of an African Goddess, by Judith Gleason)


9 card Oya tirage en ligne
Some nights are quiet.
Some nights are for lighting candles and opening up to inspiration.

Tonight it’s raining (hallelujah), and since i’m not on fb these days, i find myself wondering about what books to read.

I have so many books that i picked up with great enthusiasm, then left unfinished.

On this night, i have the urge to revisit this book about Oya (quoted above).

At the same time, i think it might be fun to find an inspiring line upon which to read the cards and practice a tirage-en-ligne. (reading in a line.)

I open the book to where my marker is placed.
I begin to read, and soon realize i have no idea what’s going on.
I thumb back through the previous pages to find that they are comprised of a story from Ifa (the Yoruba book of divination).

I am immensely pleased.

I read.
I read as if for the first time.
(my book marker tells me i have read these pages before, but i have no recollection of it.)

It is a story of Oya and her wild ways. Her energy is like that of a tornado – she comes through and creates a “clean sweep”.

This line, quoted above, is the one that leaps out:
For I am Oya! Who knows how to calm me down, knows how to prosper.

My nine-card tirage-en-ligne (photographed) is in response to this line. (i lay down nine cards for Oya. nine is her number. number of change.)

I am struck by several things:
the first card down is 10 Coins. as many coins as you can get. prosperity… maybe too much.
the Queen of Batons and the Queen of Coins are looking at each other, will they make a deal? the 5 Batons could be a tie that binds them, or is it a barricade blocking their relations? i think the Queen of Coins wants access to all that money the Queen of Batons is keeping at her back. the Queen of Batons says; not so fast.
the next four cards down are all majors: the one hung upside down with nothing to do but wait; the one who prays and offers spiritual counsel; the ones who gets there fast; and the naked etoille, who is nothing if not vulnerable.
the ninth card down brings us back around to the coins. three this time. much less than ten.

forget your notions of prosperity, the cards seem to say.
know when enough is enough.
true abundance comes from the connections and partnerships you cultivate, when both parties are willing.

Okay, it’s not a tirage-en-ligne exactly.
But this is Oya, after all.
She deals in swirls.



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