sleepless, with Ifa and Leonor Fini

i awoke around 5am this morning, and
rather than fight my way back to sleep
i got up.

on my mind, somehow in the night, was
and a book written by nicholaj de mattos frisvold

in my dream
i was telling
someone about this book.

life philosophies, mythologies, and
so on. it all circles back to
Ifa, clearly.

at least it was so in my dream.

Leonor Fini, surreal



once i got up, i decided to do some writing
not about Ifa
(what do i know? not much. but i found this podcast very interesting)

my thoughts went instead to this woman
Leonor Fini, she was an artist
born in Argentina, raised in Italy, found in Paris.

have you heard of her?

i think of her often
for some reason.
(or maybe for no reason in particular)

Leonor Fini, Splendid Devil

it was her life that resonated with me most at first
a woman living creative and free, with
many cats and many lovers.

the more i look at her art
the more i love it.
she’s got that Sphinx thing going on.

Leonor Fini, Sphinx

a nice collection of her work can be found here.

her collection is full of really great pieces
but this one may be my favorite~

Leonor Fini, The Gaurdian of the Black Egg
The Gaurdian of the Black Egg, by Leonor Fini

that queenly gown and cape

the stoic expression on
her face
and large, shiny forehead.

the red
almost hellish background

and one smooth
black egg resting on
her delicate lap.

she’s soft, but
not to be fucked with.


a year after Fini’s death, a female musician, Katell Keineg
wrote a song about Leonor’s life.
the video is a collection of her life and art.

it’s a lovely tribute. but to be honest, the music doesn’t say ‘Leonor Fini’ to me.

i bet she loved jazz. and
you know, the saucy shit.

i bet she loved Billie Holiday.

so this is for Leonor
a playlist i’ve been listening to
the whole time i’ve been writing.

and since i’m in this mood
i asked Leonor herself
via the cards…

who were you, really?

I am the Queen of Diamonds. And keeper of the house of love.
Regard all six of my jewels, won’t you?
They illuminate a glistening pathway to my realm.

and so it is.

deep bow to you, Ms Fini.
tu vis toujours ❀


and many thanks to you, my readers.
wishing you a warm and peaceful finish to 2017.


(PS – in my dream i knew that all things tie back to Ifa, but i’m not sure how this post does, or if there is a connection here – other than my sleepless morning meanderings. do you see one? if so, i’d love to hear your thoughts.)



2 thoughts on “sleepless, with Ifa and Leonor Fini

  1. Wow, Sami, why are we not seeing Leonor’s artwork everywhere?? (I think I know the answer and I don’t like it) Thank you for introducing her to me, I think her work is fabulous! And what are the six jewels…I would be hard pressed to pick.

    Love to you in the New Year ❀

    Liked by 1 person

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