a question the cards asked me

what is it about these damn Tarot cards?

i’m so obsessed.

especially with the Tarot de Marseille.
especially this “Playing Marseille” deck (Marseille trumps paired with playing cards. eeee!)

because i love symbols.
i love how old the practice is.
i love thinking about my French ancestors who were card readers (…du sang, ou bien de l’affinité…)

but mostly i just really, really enjoy looking at them and reading the messages contained in their images.

…and the shuffling (oh my the shuffling! the sound of it. so satisfying)… and the style i’ve developed of placing them on the table… and seeing how various card combinations create completely different narratives…

okay you get the freaking point. my desire to read cards is hardly in question.

my issue is that i don’t always have a question for them.

(honestly, i’m bloody awful at asking good questions. i want to read the cards constantly, but often times can’t think of a single truly interesting question to ask. and reading cards without a question becomes boring and trivial pretty quick. and the cards will tell you to go fuck yourself after a round of pointless inquiries, they really will. but i digress.)

alors, enter the beautiful and poetic promptings of my teacher – in which one “flings” the cards (i love this expression she uses.) – and then let the cards themselves dictate a question.

(i’m pretty sure she offers these prompts twice/year. we’re in the middle of a round now. it’s too late to join this one, but if you’d like to check it out in the future, follow her blog. linked above.)

Playing Marseille, hand-painted by Ryan Edwards

so fling them, i do.

these first three cards (on the left) are what dropped the other morning.

Jack of Diamonds, Three Diamonds, Eight Spades

to me these cards are saying: Think. Is more money (JD + 3D) really more problems? (8S)

this is obviously inspired by a song (RIP Notorious B.I.G), but it also happens to be a belief i hold rather dear. i don’t necessarily <fully admit> this belief – but it’s in there. (for one thing, i say it; ‘more money more problems!’ all the freaking time – as if it were my mantra.) i’m not sure where it comes from… i’ve never had all that much money, so how exactly would i know?

is it really true?

so i put the question to the cards: does more money bring more problems?

Six Spades, Queen of Hearts, Knight of Diamonds.

not necessarily, they say.

Six Spades is less than eight – so that’s literally less trouble. Plus, the flower in the 8S is tiny and boxed in, whereas in the 6S it is big and blossoming – it has space to grow. And, with 6S card, there’s a clear path cut out for it – a unequivocal direction forward.

But. It’s important that I, Queen of Hearts (my significator*) have a financial plan of action (KD).

…and a horse willing to take me there. (metaphorically speaking)

so how about that. an interesting philosophical question, that i might never have thought to ask – and a clear answer.

this is why i love the cards. they speak to me.


what draws you to Tarot? i’d love to hear about your recent readings and insights.

lots of love,


*the Queen of Hearts is always my significator. the significator is chosen before the reading, and, from what i know, is usually based on appearance, such as hair color. (it’s super fun when the significator drops. and, it can be very telling when it doesn’t.)


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