a bell to mark my way

The assignment was to lay down three cards, and then to create an object based on those cards – something to keep close by when i am reading, to remind me of my connection to the craft of divination.


What dropped? 6 Diamonds, 3 Spades, and 5 Hearts.

My idea was to use six jewels or beads (diamonds) to adorn something of metal (spades), then to charge it energetically with some kinda sexy mojo (five hearts).

I looked through my collection of charms and things, but nothing felt right.

For some reason brass was in my head — the metal needed to be brass.

The next day, a package arrived in the mail from a friend in my cartomancy community.

In it was a pack of playing cards, along with a lovely little brass bell.

I knew she was sending me a pack of cards, but the bell!! what a beautiful surprise.

…a brass object found its way to me, from someone right in my card reading community. ❤ i love these magical synchronicities.

so i took this new deck sent by my friend, and asked the cards; what will our work together be like? (i always ask a new deck of cards a question like this at first.)

Ace of Clubs, Ace of Spades, Four Hearts.

we’re getting right down to business. it’s a fresh start to be sure… digging in and piercing through… all resulting in love. (at least enough to have my corners covered.)

bell 2

I decided to adorn the bell with these Rose Quartz beads, which i had tucked away in my jewelry-making stash.

…now i just need to add some sexy kind of mojo.


What synchronicities have happened in your life lately?

lots of love,

UPDATE: turns out the bell was used in an art installation at burning man last year called ‘Axis Mundi’. the mojo is real! she followed a last-minute instinct and threw it in the package with the cards. sometimes i love how this world works.


3 thoughts on “a bell to mark my way

  1. I love when things like this happen…and turns out your intuition about “brass” was spot on! I haven’t really explored cartomancy, although I know there is a lot of energy around it right now. The most interesting synchronicity I’ve had lately was with the Ace of Swords/Excalibur connection I had (and wrote about in SPARK). I could still go deeper into that… ❤

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      1. Thanks Peter! The cards are the “Playing Marseille” by Ryan Edwards (first photo), and vintage Piatnik playing cards featuring Shakespeare characters. (second and featured photo).


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