a drink, a book, a musician, a plant, creative urges, and a poem.

hi friends,
September is here. and, even though it’s as hot as summer’s ever been in the bay area, i still feel the fingers of fall on the horizon.

…it’s wishful thinking, but it’s all i’ve got ;]

there are several things i’m loving right now that i think are worthy of sharing. and since i haven’t done this since spring, i figure it must be time.

so here we go – 7 things i’m loving right now (late summer / beat-the-heat edition).


Golden Milk

i love tea and tasty beverages. this one is my new favorite.
…i’d been hearing about how amazing this beverage is for a while. the health benefits, the yumminess, and so on, but i hadn’t gotten around to trying it. (“golden milk” is turmeric tea made with milk and other spices.)  i happened to be in the city alone recently, with no agenda and some spare time. i had seen this cute little spot on 24th called Beloved, so i decided to check it out. low and behold, they had golden tea on the menu, with home-made cashew coconut milk! omg yes, i ordered that shit immediately. and it was every bit as amazing as it sounds. so i’ve been making it at home ever since. (with almond milk, which is not quite as tasty as the cashew coconut, but it’s really good all the same.) if you’re in to warm, cozy, creamyspicey beverages – try it.


This book:

This book is everything.
I was already set on loving it from the moment I saw it in the bookstore, but I love it even more than I expected.
I’m almost finished with it now, so I’m slowing down. I don’t want this book to end. I could read an entire novel on every character. I’ve just read the chapter called Yaw, and it made me cry… deep, sad and joyful tears. So profound. Every story has been so profound, but that one really hit me.

This book is about the stories of our lives.
…family, ancestry…. how the choices of one generation effect the next. It illustrates the ways in which people go about their lives, whether feeling blessed, cursed, or indifferent, and not understanding why. Not knowing what events transpired in lives before, that created the current situation. It shows the complexity and tenderness of every person’s life; the difficult choices, and the small, seemingly inconsequential ones that alter the future of a family line forever.

But this book isn’t just about people. It’s about black people. It’s about the story of being from Africa, and what that has meant – what that has looked like FOR BLACK PEOPLE for the last hundreds of years. Each story is more profound because you see how each one… each life, each person…. got cut off from its root in some way or another.

I want everyone in the world to read this book. Especially Americans. Especially neo-nazi Americans.

Now my heart begins to speed up and the blood threatens to boil. So I’m just gonna take a deep breath, and say that I’m very thankful to Yaa Gyasi for writing it, and to be reading it and sharing it with whoever I can.


Chelsea Wolfe

i’ve been loving her for a long long time. her album “Pain is Beauty” is so damn good. as is “Hypnos / Flame”. if you feel like getting your dark doomwitch on, listen to this shit. (the link goes to her new album / bandcamp page. i don’t have this album yet. it definitely seems heavier than the ones i mentioned. if you’re new to her, i say start with “Pain is Beauty”.)



this Agave:

agave attenuata

Agave Attenuata. a client asked us to be-head this from her garden. it was growing out into the narrow pathway and taking up too much space. i happily took it off her hands. i hope i can get it to re-root.


Drawing & collage:

i haven’t drawn or collaged in a long time, but i’ve been getting the urge lately, so i’m going with it. i don’t know what the drawing is ^ yet . some kind of crescent moon bug or something. or maybe a pair of eyes.


eyes… vision… seeing. or not seeing.
eyes cast to the side, waiting. “well, what d’ya got?”

The small text is excerpted from a poem called “The Souls’s Soundtrack”, by Yusef Komunyakaa. (published in the New Yorker, May 17, 2017)

It says:

…the silence of fate reigns over
day & night, a tilt of the earth
body and soul caught in a sway
going back to reed & goatskin,
back to trade winds locked
inside an “Amazing Grace”

He believes to harmonize is
to reach, to ascend, to query
ego & hold a note till there’s 
only a quiver of blue feathers
at dawn, & a voice goes out
to return as a litany of mock
orange & sweat, as we are sewn
into what we came crying out of,

“You can’t doo-wop a cappella
& let your tongue touch an evil
while fingering a slothful doubt
beside the Church of Coltrane,”…


what are you enjoying right now?

lots of love,


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