Hi friends,

Today I feel tired and run down.

I've had a string of excitable days, I'm not sleeping very well, and I've probably had too much social media and online information -ingesting.

I want our president to go away. (Jimmy Kimmel's idea to crown him king and lock him up in a castle somewhere- with no power- sounds alright.)

I want all hateful racists to have a change of heart.

I want our government, our justice system, our education system, and pretty much every other institution i can think of, to stop being racist.

I want to see exactly the ways in which I've contributed to a racist system – and stop immediately.

Why does progress take so goddamn long?

Why can't all politicians be like Bernie Sanders?

Anyway, I haven't been reading the cards. I tried asking them some of these questions around racism and what I can do about it, but answers were fuzzy.

Maybe I just couldn't distance my emotional self enough to read them well.

So today, feeling as I do, I asked the cards: what do I need to give myself?

Reset. Elevate your spirits and give yourself love.

Okay. I will try that.

Lots of love to you,


One thought on “

  1. Sami, I am learning so much about creating positive futures lately and they all involve giving up negative news. It’s not your business what people in 3D are doing.
    By holding your vibration high you affect the whole world. It’s the best we can do right now.
    Love you,


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