Voyage, silence

I go through these phases of feeling particularly intoxicated by nature, and the unseen energies I feel in the natural world.
…whatever they are.

(Spirits? Ancestors? Gods and Goddesses? The frequencies of the cosmos?)

Whatever it is (or they are), right now I’m having one of those phases.
…Wanting to light candles, burn incense, and luxuriate in my (real or imagined) connection with spirits.

I’m never exactly sure what it is I’m longing to connect with, to be honest.

I guess I just like playing with the unknown.

But, as happy as I am to entertain these flights of fancy, always in the back of my mind lurks the question: Why? What’s the reason for this persistent – albeit fluctuating – need for spirituality?

…I suppose underneath that question lurks some kind of hope, like there is indeed a reason.

I’m perfectly willing to admit that most likely there isn’t one. I can go ahead and like what I like, and there doesn’t need to be anything more to it than that.

But what if there is something more to it?

I do this back and forth dance all the time.

So tonight I asked the cards (with the assumption that there is one..):

What’s the reason for my interest in the unseen world?

Oracle De La Triade, Dominike Duplaa – Gange Editions, 1998

To travel, to be silent.


Sometimes the cards need no interpreting.

Happy Full Moon.





One thought on “Voyage, silence

  1. Sami, I was just asking the devas yesterday if they would speak to me more directly 😉
    I have a project I’m working on with them to clean up the oceans and I can feel that they love it and are very involved but I often wonder if it’s all in my own head 😉
    Happy Full moon and eclipse today.
    Love Pam

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