a self care kind of day

Hi friends,
I'm in my pre-period week, which means I'm bloated and tired and irritable and want to eat everything in sight.

So here on day 20 of my 30 day challenge, I asked the cards this:

How can I take care of myself in a way that I'm not doing?

Ace of Coins ~ 5 Batons

Aces mean unity and new beginnings. Coins, of course, are money and financial means.

(The Ace of Coins also looks like a drum head, or a gong. And see how those flowers are forming hearts?)

Five of batons is about exercise (5 is the body and batons are work.)

So clearly I need to just drop the money and get my ass back to yoga, or dance class (with live drumming obvs 😆)

Hey it's Thursday already! I'm looking forward to this weekend.

But I'll see you before that, right here, tomorrow.

Hope you have a good day,

ps – I got inspired to change the theme of my blog yesterday. Now five of my favorite posts are right there at the top 😊 check it out


2 thoughts on “a self care kind of day

  1. That’s odd! In my reality batons (wands) are the intuitive side of knowledge. Work doesn’t actually exist in my deck 😉
    But I totally agree about going back to yoga, dance and drumming 😉 It’s Summer, baby, and it’s hot! Too hot to think about work.

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