enjoy the ride

Hi friends,
I’ve felt lethargic and out of sorts the past couple days. My partner has been feeling the same way.
… so I’m wondering if there might be an astrological explanation for it.

I’m not really an astrology person. I understand my chart and the basics of the houses/planets, but when it comes to transits I’m at a total loss.
… so if you have any recs on where to learn more I’d love to hear them!

Anyway. On to today’s reading. I think it’s day 19:

I asked the cards today; “what’s ruling me, that I’m not aware of?”

Tarot de Marseille, Jean Noblet (restored by Jean-Claude Flornoy)

Justice ~ The Wheel of Fortune

There sits the discerning woman – holding the scales, wanting all things to be balanced and equal.

But everything is in flux. Things are spinning and nothing is clear. See her there on top of the wheel? She wants to believe she’s running the show.
….But what are these other creatures? She doesn’t even know who’s turning the wheel.

What’s ruling me is the unconscious need to be in control of everything. (an impossible desire.)

So I say this to myself; Remember, change is the only constant. Just enjoy the ride.

lots of love,


2 thoughts on “enjoy the ride

  1. Haha, that’s a brilliant reading honeybun!
    I can’t help with the astrology. After I had my whole heart set on it for a while I decided it was not for me and never looked back. I don’t even celebrate the moons much any more – just the solstice and equinox 😉

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    1. Oh really! I didn’t know that. Yeah, I vacillate between wanting to learn more, and thinking it’s a bunch of hooey 😂 I do love the moon though.


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