when the cards teach the real lessons

30 day tarot challenge, day 18:

What’s my message for today?

Prisma Visions Tarot, illustrated by James R Eads

The Two of Swords has returned! This time it’s the first card down.

This is interesting to me, because I’ve been thinking about yesterday’s reading… feeling like I didn’t quite nail it.

With the Two Swords being in the second position yesterday, the message was really about some trouble ahead. (If the string ends with swords you shake your head and say No.) Plain and simple.

But since I’m not working with a specific question, these readings are inherently abstract.
…and I’m trying my hardest to put a positive spin on these daily messages, dammit.

(My teacher actually warned me of this lol. I guess I had to try it out to fully understand.)

So back to today’s reading: the Two Swords are the first card, and the Queen if Coins is the second, so we’ve overcome trouble and now we’re sitting pretty.

Position really is everything.

This right here is the work of detachment… which is the thing Camelia (my teacher) emphasizes the most.
…and the thing that is so bloody hard to do.

You can’t put a positive spin on every damn reading, if that’s not what the cards are saying. If the cards say trouble ahead, then they’re saying there’s some trouble ahead. (whatcha gonna do about it?)

The point is to Detach From Your Stuff, and just ‘read the damn cards’.


I was actually about to give up on this deck today, so I’m glad I gave it another go. And, I’m even more glad for being reminded of the real lessons. That’s why I’m doing this 30 day challenge – to practice and to learn.

Which reminds me of another thing Camelia always says; “keep going”.


lots of love,


2 thoughts on “when the cards teach the real lessons

  1. I always tended to see the swords as mental constructions, that’s why they have the ability to cut and wound, and I felt I could always open my eyes or dump the swords and move on, or whatever and stop being so much in my head. And when I did that I could open to the abundance of this beautiful world with the Queen of resources.

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