what the cards tell me about drumming

Hi friends, As some of you know, my focus this month has been to “follow the rhythm”. This may sound abstract…. “rhythm” can be a metaphor for all kinds of things. But for me it’s been very literal. I’m a drummer. I want to drum more, and I want to share what I know about drumming with others. So the idea to “follow the rhythm” … Continue reading what the cards tell me about drumming

Hi friends, Today I feel tired and run down. I've had a string of excitable days, I'm not sleeping very well, and I've probably had too much social media and online information -ingesting. I want our president to go away. (Jimmy Kimmel's idea to crown him king and lock him up in a castle somewhere- with no power- sounds alright.) I want all hateful racists … Continue reading


Hi friends,Today is the last day of my 30-day tarot challenge. I made it. I didn't always get around to posting my readings on my blog, but I practiced reading two cards with the full deck every day. What fun! Now I'm wondering, what's next? … so I asked the cards: what do I need to do next in order to keep learning and improving … Continue reading radiate

Voyage, silence

I go through these phases of feeling particularly intoxicated by nature, and the unseen energies I feel in the natural world. …whatever they are. (Spirits? Ancestors? Gods and Goddesses? The frequencies of the cosmos?) Whatever it is (or they are), right now I’m having one of those phases. …Wanting to light candles, burn incense, and luxuriate in my (real or imagined) connection with spirits. I’m … Continue reading Voyage, silence