before all hell breaks loose

Hi friends,

It's day 16 of my 30 day Tarot challenge – more or less the third week- and I've decided to bust out my Prisma Visions deck.

This is a Rider-Waite deck… not nearly as straight forward as the Tarot de Marseille, imo. Should be interesting to see how this goes.

What's my message for today?

10 pentacles (coins/discs), The Tower

(I will say that this deck is much more fun to look at than the TdM decks… so colorful and juicy.)

As we know, ten is a lot. So ten pentacles (coins) is abundance.

This Tower card, though, is interesting.

The Tower is about destruction – sudden and rapid destruction. But this card doesn't illustrate the house falling into ruin. It's actually a very lovely image when you first look at it – a big house, warmly lit and inviting. And look at the bright sun setting behind the ocean. Pretty dreamy, right?

Wrong. Look at that cliff! How long can that hold?

This card forces you to conjecture what is about to happen.

Rather than showing the cliff giving way and everything crumbling to the ocean, it's showing us the peaceful moment of ignorance before all hell breaks loose.


We have a lot of money, and the brink of ruination… a cautionary message.

Appreciate everything you've got, because you could lose it all at any moment.

….Not exactly pleasant lol, but true.

Yeah, this is exactly why I read the cards. It's the zen.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and appreciate everything you have.



2 thoughts on “before all hell breaks loose

  1. Yay! Love this deck!
    So I would add that they’re having a party in the tower and aren’t worried. Castles on the edge of cliffs have hung out for hundreds of years in Europe 😉
    AND look how beautiful the ocean is, it wouldn’t be so bad to fall in there for a moonlight swim.
    Just know that change is inevitable AND it also usually happens for the best.


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