love and work

30 day tarot challenge, day 12:

What’s my message for today?

8 cups, 4 batons

Lots of love (possibly divisions… see all those leaves and flowers separating the cups?)

Stability with work. Maybe X marks the spot…. or maybe none shall pass.

When i saw these cards a song popped into my head immediately, so I’ll share with you. If you’ve never heard of the late Jason Molina, and his project Songs:Ohia, I highly recommend checking him out. (especially the song ‘Redhead’… one of my personal favorites.)

Anyway, back to the cards… and my question…. what’s my message for the day?

Going from a lot to half as much… from the suit of love (good!) to the suit of work (not so good.)

on the other hand… there is a lot of space in that 4 of batons, as compared to the 8 of cups, and that feels nice. Perhaps today something is opening up.

Either way, my message today has to do with quite a lot of love and half as much work.

More love makes for less work.




2 thoughts on “love and work

    1. Yeah, when I first started with Tarot it was always wands & discs, rather than batons & coins. (primarily with the Thoth deck. I never really got into Rider-Waite.) I remember associating wands with spirituality/intuition… it’s funny I sorta forgot all about that!

      This style of reading is a form of just ‘reading the damn cards’ (as my teacher Camelia Elias says). It’s based on the playing cards and the hedgewytch school of reading, which is about function – number, color, suit, and so on – the fundamental info. rather than all of these made up meanings and associations. I’m liking it a lot :]


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