all things end

Hi friends,
I’m back from three glorious days at drum camp. It was relaxing, inspiring, freeing, and so much fun. Just exactly what i needed.

I’m really loving escaping into the woods to play music!

Last month was Thirst For Light, a killer summer Solstice fest in the fecund Washington forest, which I performed at with my band.

And just last weekend was Born to Drum, a gathering of women drummers… teaching and sharing rhythms and stories from all over the world.

Needless to say, I feel happy and thankful and nourished and so incredibly lucky.

Anyhoo, now i’m back.

Onward to the daily two-card Tarot reading.

Day 11: what’s my message for the day?

Tarot de Marseille, Camoin / Jodorowsky. photo by sami

It’s funny, as I was shuffling the deck I thought; ‘I’m going to pull the Death card second.’

…and lo and behold, there it landed. (using the full deck! what are the odds.)

The Sun & Death. All things sharing, bright and happy. And, well, death.

I’m not disturbed by the death card. It doesn’t mean literal death (though it can, depending on the question). It simply means an end to something. As my teacher says, the function of the death card is To Cut. plain and simple.

I actually find that these cards reflect my current situation a bit, and remind me of this essential reality:

All sharing in the sun must come to an end.

And so it is.

….(all the sad/crappy/annoying bits come to an end too, let’s not forget!)

Lots of love, and see you tomorrow.


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