from ten to one

30 day tarot challenge, day 5:

What’s my message for the day?

The ten of coins (again!) has morphed into a tree of mythical creatures, surrounded by golden objects.

Turn your finances into something magical.

Following the number sequence, from ten to one, it looks like the cards are saying “go back and start again.”

Or something.

If any of you seasoned card readers out there have thoughts on this, I’d love to hear!

Thanks and love, and see you tomorrow,



2 thoughts on “from ten to one

  1. What I got was that the ten was the completion of your financial road with the mindset you have – and you’ve come a long way – now you have to create a whole new way of looking at money and what you want it to be to you.
    Perhaps like a spigot, you go to the tap when you want to drink and the water is always there, you don’t hoard it or abuse it, you go with the flow, dance with it!.

    This is fun! I can always get into something when it involves magic 😉

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