something to remember

Well, the cards have some pretty good messages.

Heeding them, however, is another story.

… and I haven’t been doing such a good job of that so far.

So today, on day three of my 30 day tarot challenge, I asked the cards; “what do I need to remember?”

The 7S again! This time paired with the 10 of Coins.

My first couple of impressions are 1) I like the matching purples, and 2) more money, more problems.

…But the cards would need to be in the reverse order for that second statement to be accurate.

This reads more like ‘challenges can be overcome with lots of money.’


What was my question again? What do I need to remember?


So maybe the cards are simply saying that I need to remember that recemt challenges have to do with all the money.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Just for fun (and since I’m currently on BART with nothing else to do but stare at all the other people with faces glued to their phones), let’s look at patterns:

Both the swords and the coins look like trees to me. One is pointy, the other soft. (If I was a bird, I’d definitely choose to make my nest in the coin tree, just sayin.)

Also, The pointy swords appear to be in conflict with their icey background, while the coins look supported – almost held up – by their purple surroundings.

…there’s something striking to me about how the harshness of the purple swords has melted and melded, becoming that supportive background. Even highlighting the roundness of the coins.

So what to make of all that?

Maybe the cards are reminding me to notice my thoughts around money.

That is not a snappy sentence at all, but I’ll go with it.


Lots of love, and see you tomorrow.



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