share the love

30 day tarot challenge, day 2.

This morning I asked the cards; “what’s the message for the day?”

I see a few contrasts: night and day, wet and dry, dark and light, few colors to many colors.

Following the color… the cups become the rays of sunshine. It also looks like the two cups in the middle – separated by ribbons – have become two human figures touching arms.

According to the hedgewytch school of card reading (which is what I usually refer to when reading the pips) – 8s are about wishes or fears, depending on the suit and the other cards in the reading.

My interpretation: Bring your secretly held wishes about love and family into the light of day.

Or, share your wishes with the ones you love.

Or, simply, share the love 😊

What do you see?

Happy Sunday, and see you tomorrow.

Side note – when using the Thoth deck I try to ignore the word at the bottom of the pips. It’s just distracting.


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