Life in one day (April photos, take two)

April was chaos you guys. with work. and taxes. and training a new employee. and so much work. and hardly any yoga. and then i got sick. 

…so while i had ideas of being an awesome blogger in April, that all went to shit. 

i did manage to take some photos though. i think taking photos this month actually helped me stay sane.

(i posted some of them a few days ago, but it was a half-assed post and i was too sick to care, so i took it down.)

anyway, here are a few photos from April … this is more or less my life in one (work) day:

first, it’s outside time with my sweet baby kitty.

then i have breakfast with the cards.

off to work. sometimes i go to the nursery first. (this one makes me feel like a kid in a freaking candy store.)

my commute. this is the new San Francisco -shiny blue green glass is taking over. it reminds me of Vancouver. 

gardening! on this day we got to do lots of planting.

food time. i eat. so many tacos. 

(confession- i did not take this photo this month. i didn’t take any food photos this month, but since eating is one of the best things about being alive, i couldn’t leave this part of my day out.)

some days i go to dance class after work ♥️ this is one of my favorite views from the window of one of my favorite studios – dance mission.

and then i drive home.

beer is crucial at the end of the day.

so is time to unwind. 

(have you ever seen a candle melt in such a delicately ornamental way?)

what does your day look like in photos?

hope you all had a nice April! see you in May ☺️



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