6 things i’m enjoying right now

hi friends,
today i thought i’d share some of the things i’ve been enjoying lately, from articles and books to music and so on. i’d love to hear what you’re enjoying lately too!

here are six, in no particular order:

1. Curiosity Stream
is an online network of “factual TV”, sorta like netflix, but it focuses on documentaries. i’ve been watching one called ‘Ancient Worlds’, which is a fascinating look at some of the earliest civilizations on record. it reminds me of why i wanted to be an archeologist for a hot second. (i gotta say, though – what about Africa!? how come these things are ALWAY about mesopotamia and greece? don’t tell me we don’t have any documentation of African civilizations.) anyway. there’s another really good series on there about quantum physics. and that stuff is interesting for days. i’d say if you’re into informative, research-and-science-oriented shit, check it out. [they charge 2.99/mo, but they offer the first month free.]

2. Apple Blossom season!

apple blossom
photo i took in one of my gardens, east bay, 3/27/17


3. Strangeweather
a beautiful band from portland. we’re playing with them in oakland in may, and i’m pretty pumped about it. (the guitarist/vocalist did the art on our forthcoming album, and it’s fucking sick.) if you like dark folkish doomy beautiful music, check em out. (the link goes to their bandcamp page where you can listen to all of their albums and purchase if you like.)


4. The New Yorker
yeah, it can smack of high-brow elitism, but it’s fun to read what’s happening in the NY art, dance, and theatre scenes. plus, the comics are usually on point. the art/images alone will make awesome collage fodder for years to come. (i know some of you know this! ;P)

three articles i’ve particularly enjoyed recently: The Underground Railroad for RefugeesCatherine Opie, All American Subversive, & Daniel Dennetts Science of the Soul.

[they were – and probably still are – offering a 12 issue subscription for $6.]

new yorker comic

5. Edna O’Brien
a friend introduced me to this Irish author recently. i can’t seem to find the specific article i first read, but here’s another good one. i immediately liked O’Brien and wanted to read her books. i’ve only read one so far (The Country Girls Trilogy – her first. might as well start at the beginning, me thinks.), and to be honest i haven’t quite finished yet, because now the end of the story is in site and i always slow down when the end is near. i’m not ready to say goodbye to the characters yet. especially since one of them, Baba, reminds me so much of an old friend of mine it’s uncanny.

…and speaking of books – Arundhati Roy is releasing her second novel this summer! i’m so happy about this. her book “God of Small Things” is one of my favorite books ever.

and finally,

6. this painting.
i’m so pleased with the way it turned out. [i wrote about the beginnings of the process last week.] it’s the first face/figure painting i’ve done that i actually TRULY LIKE. it sits on my desk and makes me so happy to look at. so yay for that :]

with red


what things are you enjoying these days?



8 thoughts on “6 things i’m enjoying right now

  1. Thankyou, thankyou, I’ll check some of this stuff out 😉
    I’m enjoying california wildflowers, my freesias, making energy tools to help with getting our blue skies back, preparing for my birthday trip to the redwoods, getting a new stove today that works and Dragonandmisou.
    Love you


  2. This is neat, I am going to check out the documentary site. As for myself, I am enjoying slowly reading Jose Leitao’s St. Cyprian book, watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix, spending some time with St. Jude and talking to my toddler (waiting for him to speak!), oh shuffling the cards every now and then. Played with the Lenormand yesterday, which I don’t read with (I only have one old and used Lenormand deck) and that was actually quite fun.


    1. i googled that book – whoa sounds so interesting! and yes to shuffling the cards :] i don’t have any experience with the lenormand… it does look really fun and fascinating though.


      1. Oh the book is quite the ride indeed. Amazing. I have no experience with the Lenormand either, never read anything on them, but it has been fun playing around with them. I make up stories with the pictures hahahaha.


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