love from me to you (a short video)

hi loves,
i did something totally raw and spontaneous yesterday, and made a little video in the wee hours of the morning. i guess i just felt the need to reach out in a way that feels more personal than status updates and all that.

i had my friends in mind when i started, but in watching back, i see that i ended up telling myself things i needed to hear.

ps – i should add that i took my own advice yesterday. i drummed with people, went for a nice hike and said hello to my favorite tree, and i even began a new painting. i don’t feel distraught anymore ❤ at least for today ha.




2 thoughts on “love from me to you (a short video)

  1. Thanks, sweetface, I’ll take it! and lots of love back!
    My gut feeling about trump is that he won’t be there long but if he gets rid of the CIA and the Satanist pedos then he’s going to get a gold star from me. No-one else has the guts to do it! Ryan certainly won’t, Pence won’t. If Pence gets in it will be goodbye world that I want to live in.
    My only hope for a sane world in Gesara. Meantime let the crooked asses in DC play their games.


    1. yeah, that’s the thing. if trump goes then we’re stuck with pence. ugh. they’re all crooked. cept for bernie a few others ❤ love to you!


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