four loves (and they are all the same)




making music is my love.
creating, exploring and singing… being in sync and harmony with other people… reminding myself to breathe my heart into every note and every beat… it is satisfying and challenging, in the cathartic way.


drumming for dance class is my love.
closing my eyes and tuning into the multitude of rhythms and footsteps around me, feeling where i fall into it… sometimes hearing sounds and voices like choruses surrounding me, but aren’t really there… that is presence and belonging, in the powerful way.


dancing is my love.
moving my body however it wants to in the moment… witnessing what comes up and through me… articulating my thoughts and feelings through my hands, feet, hips, back, legs, arms, head, shoulders, ankles… it’s free and surprising, in the honest way.


my drum workshop is my love.
teaching others to play the drum… facilitating that experience for people… sharing what i know, and being inspired to keep learning so that i can keep sharing… it is amazing and fulfilling in every way.



UPDATE: I have two drum workshops coming up!

March 22 & June 7, 2019

7:30- 9:00pm

Indigo Yoga Studio, Walnut Creek

No experience is necessary, but an open heart and curious mind are encouraged.

Some drums will be provided.




4 thoughts on “four loves (and they are all the same)

  1. Are you going to video it????? Pleeeeeze…
    Is using the handheld Indian drum that I have with the drumstick, the same as using the big drum? I had one of those but I gave it away to someone who would use it.
    I mean is it the same beat rhythm? Obviously I can only use one hand instead of two.


    1. i won’t tape class, but i’ll try to put a video together and send it to you one of thee days. what kind of drum do you have? tablas are played with your finger tips… a frame drum you can play with a mallet or your hands… ultimately, experimentation is the thing imo 🙂


      1. oh cool. i thought you mean from India. yeah, i would just say play with it 🙂 start with a heart beat and see where it goes… another good way is to put on a song you like and try drumming along with it.


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