new art journal cover

hi loves,

now that i’ve banished my 2016 planner to hell (and the year along with it), i’m thinking about 2017.

…. the things that are slated for the year (album release, playing shows, filing taxes, managing my business….)

…. the things i’m hoping will happen (a monthly continuation of my drum workshop, taking lots of classes and expanding my drum skills, buying a house in Tahoe… man that one feels scary to say….)

and so on.

and i’ve been doing Susannah Conway’s “Find Your Word” prompts for the past few days.

the word i’ve decided on for 2017 is BECOME.
(en français c’est DEVENIR, which i also love. i’m not a maker-of-resolutions, but i really wanna get real about practicing my french speaking and comprehension skills this year.)

i like that there’s something simultaneously active and passive about this word. it feels grounding and sturdy, and also a bit inspiring too. like a gentle nudge.

plus, it feels really good to say. like a balm for my whole being.


i spent my morning creating this collage, and i think it has some of the essence of the word become in it.

…and maybe it will point to some surprises? …one of the juiciest things about making art, imo – i love the surprises. anyway, i’m happy with the way this collage turned out. the colors and shapes feel warm, sensual, and nourishing. (and i’m all about nourishing. especially this time of year.)

i posted a status on fb not too long ago about nourishing, in the wake of so much upsetting political mayhem, and people seemed to like it. so i’ll offer it here as well:

at my desk, surrounded by yummy things. a candle (lit) and incense (burning). Miles Davis. red wine. chocolate. and my laptop (not for internet’ing, but for writing). this simple and sensual activity feeds my soul.

i spent many a late late night during grad school in this way, and it’s what i found myself returning to last night. it felt so goddamn nourishing.

what feeds you?

you don’t have to tell me, but i encourage you to ask yourself, and then do that thing  

we need these soul-food practices. especially now.

lots of love,


ps – if you feel like you could use some guidance around nourishing yourself in various ways over the holidays, this online retreat for women could be just the thing. and it’s free! i believe it starts Dec 20th.


One thought on “new art journal cover

  1. Beautiful Sami!!
    Would you really be able to stand the long winter at Tahoe?
    Timmo’s in-law family all chipped in for a cabin at Donner and Tim takes the kids up to ski all the time and he’s always glad to get back to the Bay area after a few days.
    I know you can create anything you want 😉 so be careful what you ask for ❤ ❤ ❤


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