i can’t wait to say goodbye to my 2016 planner

so i bought this day planner online last year. it was my first time ordering this particular one, and when it arrived i immediately i hated it.

everything about it got on my damn nerves. the images, the size and weight of it, the goofy “inspirational quotes”, the lack of space to actually write anything, and the crappy functionality of the rings. the colorful pages were nice. that was about it.

but i’m not one to waste things, so i used it anyway. and, in order to make it slightly less embarrassing to cart around town with me, i decided to collage the front and back covers.



i guess i should’ve taken photos of this when i first did it. now it’s all worn out and crumpled, and the images have faded. (look! it’s an elephant! can you tell? yay elephants.)

i’m so ready to say goodbye to this book – to this whole damn year for that matter – but i do quite like these images.

if these collages were like oracles, the one on the right definitely speaks to what this year has been like: disciplined seeing and trusting my long-term goals, doing my best to shield myself form all the nonsense, and essentially hanging upside down, not moving at all. (and resisting the temptation to hide my face behind a black umbrella.)

fortunately, the planner i’ve ordered for 2017 begins on the 19th of this month, so i only have to deal with this contraption (which my cat has made an even bigger mess of) for another week!

i’m celebrating the little things you guys.

if i don’t write again before then, have a wonderful solstice and all the rest.





2 thoughts on “i can’t wait to say goodbye to my 2016 planner

  1. Hey Sami, I hate planners. Give em an inch and pretty soon they are telling you what to do. That’s my least favorite thing, being told what to do 😉
    I have the same feeling about this year, I was hanging upside down and hiding my face most of the time.

    Damn! I just realized that I ate my special treat, TJs panettone, while I was writing and didn’t even taste it. Now I’ll have to have the last bit with full focus.


  2. haha i love planners! or at least i love being organized and having lists. crossing things off my list is so satisfying 😉 hope you enjoyed the last piece of panettone.


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