oil for opening roads


here sits my jar of ‘road opener oil’.

i made it last night, so it will be steeping for at least another six nights as the moon wanes… down into the darkness of the scorpio new moon and halloween.

eeeee! have i said how much i freaking love this time of year???

but i don’t care for this name ‘road opener oil’.

i think i’ll call it l’huile du chemin ouvert instead.

… yeah that sounds way more magical.


i’ve never made my own l’huile du chemin ouvert before, but it was actually quite simple.

ingredients used:

~pine needles (i gathered some from the ground below one of my favorite trees, a three-trunk Bishop Pine, which i find to be super magical in and of itself.)

~bay leaves (store bought. i’d feel way more awesome had i harvested and dried them myself, but sometimes i just don’t have time for all that.)

~cinnamon bark

~ whole cloves

~camphor resin

ground all of that down in a mortar and pestle, put it in a jar, poured vegetable oil on top, gave a good shake. et voila!


i was inspired to do this because this woman  (whom i’m taking a ‘cards and magic’ class from) is planning to leave her job at university and begin her own school. many of the students in the class devised rituals to help her on her way, and several of them included using this oil.

i’m sharing it with you for two reasons:

~ maybe you’ll find it useful for your own life (i do try to be useful once in a while), and far more selfishly…

~ i’m about to embark upon something huge and crazy myself, that i’ve never done before, and i could use all the lovely ‘road opening’ mojo that i can get.

please send good vibes, if you feel so inclined (;

this charming video is where i got my recipe. i love the music playing in the background…

à bon chemin,



One thought on “oil for opening roads

  1. Thank you, sweetface! i will call mine Opportunity Oil ❤

    I just found out from my Higher Self that i have Dragon in my Star/Soul line.
    That explains a heck of a LOT!!!

    So I will use my oil to reclaim my Dragon heritage – instead of trying to pretend I'm normal.
    Flying out, baby!


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