my outside

fall is my favorite time of year.

…for some admittedly pretty witchy reasons (ancestors, rituals, darkness, oh yes)…. but mainly because of the weather.

i’ve been spending most of my time outside this weekend… doing nothing much but mulling things over in my mind, and enjoying the fresh air, damp earth, yellowing leaves, greening hillside, and all around yum of autumn.

i always feel like we californians breathe a collective sigh of relief this time of year.

rain. finally.

while i was out of town last week, it rained in the bay area a few times (two really good ones and one light one, i was told).

it rained in utah also, and the temps were cool and crisp. the mountains were covered in orange foliage, and the streets were sprinkled everywhere with red and yellow leaves.

it felt like what fall is supposed to feel like: everything is dying. winter is coming.

fall in the bay is a totally different thing. one good rain is really all it takes for the sad brown hills of summer to transform into the happy shire of winter.

in a lot of ways, life returns.

and i really love the happy winter shire in these hills.


just yesterday the tiny blades were barely beginning to break through the surface of the soil. today it’s well on its way to becoming a lush green blanket.

i find it so enticing when the hill looks like this. i kicked off my shoes and walked this little path with barefeet for a while. back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

the earth is soft, cool, and cushiony on my feet. and so incredibly soothing to my soul.

i even noticed some moss in places i’ve never seen it grow before. (i have a real thing for moss. because it’s rad.)

while i was wandering about, barefooted, being generally hobbity, i noticed how sweet our little haphazard garden is.

i especially love this row of potted succulents.


they line the walkway to our trailer, and the sight of them makes me smile.

i hardly ever water them. most of them are cuttings from plants that live elsewhere. i plopped them in some soil and said ‘good luck’.

i’m not one of those gardeners who gets off on nursing a finicky plant to perfection . i like the ones that are easy.

which is why i love this time of year i guess. the rain comes and eases my burdens. for the next few months i can let someone else do the watering.

wishing you a delicious fall,




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