so sentimental

hi loves,

i’ve decided to change the name of my blog. …again.

…no more trying to be clever, i think i’ll just be me.

as some of you know, i’ve gone by the name ‘sami curiously’ for quite some time (in an online circle or two), so that’s what i’m going with.

i haven’t changed the blog url yet – i wanted to give you a heads up first!

…so that you don’t get an update and be like, who? and what is this?

in other news…

there are lots of changes happening in my life right now. some are things that i’m creating in utter chaos/ ambition for myself, and others are just the plain ol’ facts of life.

my sweet grandma died a month ago, and now big shifts are happening.

oh, i’m feeling so sentimental right now!

i’m at home with my mom… getting my grandparents’ house ready to sell, and helping mama figure out her next steps.

this is the home i grew up in, and i’m a bit sad to see it go.

…a piece of me has been imagining this precious scenario in which i move home and make a life for myself here, a la Codi Noline in Animal Dreams. i mean this town! where the mailman is a friend and people knew me as a child! and a lovely house that’s paid for! imagine!

but honestly, i hate this town. once the novelty wore off i’d be like, WTF did i just DO.

anyway, i’ve known this day was coming for a while, and i thought i’d feel more prepared for it somehow.

…but i don’t.

c’est la vie, right? things happen and we never really feel prepared.

so that’s where i’m at.

there are lots of other things happening, but i don’t really want talk about any of it right now. maybe sometime down the road.

lots of love until the next time,



3 thoughts on “so sentimental

  1. Sometimes it’s a whole new world when we shut that last escape hatch into the past. My mother held onto that backdoor until the end, both of us knowing she’d never take it – and me wishing often that she would 😉

    I never had it myself and I’m glad. I brushed the dust of England off my feet and never looked back 😉
    Love U


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