love. so looking forward to taking this class!


Last night I have concluded a 5-month long run of my online class Cards and Magic. I had a fabulous time, and judging by the comments upon closing from the people in the class, there’s great reason to celebrate.

But here’s something that I can share with everyone else out here. The very last question in the live session was this: ‘But what is the Devil to you?’

This is the gist of what I said: The Devil is my capacity to be aware of whatever messes with my peace of mind. I’m the Devil, as all is reflection. I’m the peacemaker too.

Why did I say that? Allow me to expand on this point, so it may inspire a few others who practice combining cards and magic by way of looking.

camelia elias, tibetan sacred arts collection

The Nature of Reality

Reality is not what we think it is, especially not when we make…

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