TAROT (and a bit of Alan Watts)

i just got a gorgeous new set of Tarot Cards. my fourth deck! i’m a junky?

i like this set for the feeling of the art, and the way each suit tells a panoramic story. (that part is seriously dope. i’ve never seen a deck like that before.) the tone is whimsical & playful in a mysterious, fantasy-like way. they’re quite fun to look at, and i love the eye/ design on the back of each card. (i have some critiques too, but nothing major. no deck is perfect – is it?)

this isn’t meant to be a tarot deck review. actually, after doing my first reading with them, i got inspired to write down my process and interpretations. and then i thought fuck it, i’m gonna post this on my blog.

i’ve shared all of that below, along with my own <extremely intuitive> interpretations, plus another take based on the basic three-card layout formula.

tarot spread aug 13



Looked at each card. First the Major Arcana, one by one. Then the suits of the Minor Arcana, laying each one out separately to see the visual stories. Noticed which cards felt particularly resonant, which cards bothered me, and why. 

I Shuffled the cards in various ways, stirred them around on the table, and so on.

As I was shuffling my first question came:

Why am I drawn to the Tarot?

The Fool card fell out onto the floor.

I continued shuffling and asked another question:

Where am I on the journey?

The Queen of Swords flipped over on to the table.

Done shuffling, I split the deck into five piles, face down.

One pile drew me in, one pile repelled me. The others felt neutral.

I took the two piles that gave me a strong reaction, and put the others away.

I shuffled this new pile asking another question:

How can the tarot guide, help, and support me?

I drew the The Queen if Pentacles.



I wanted to ask more questions. (because it’s just so much fun, and it seemed they had more to say…) But I waited out the urge, and decided I got what I came for. For now.

So. what do these cards mean?

I pulled The Fool card the other day too. Yup. Love The Fool. Be The Fool. In regards to my question – I’m drawn to the Tarot for the way it deals in terms of archetypes and symbols. We are all The Fool, evolving through the processes of experience, learning, growing up, fucking up, and so on…

…we are the dreamers of dreams…. makers of rules…. creators of our myths…. tiny yet magnificent specks of star stuff….

That’s what led to my next question; where am I on the journey?

Ah. The Queen of Swords. I love those Queens. She is shown here taming a large beast. (in previous images the bird viciously displays its sword-toothed mouth and is depicted as dangerous and threatening. so there’s an aspect of heroism here. her action can be seen as a helpful, benevolent, and powerful. but it could be seen another way….) Swords are about our mental life and communication, and they are related to the element of air. One interpretation is that I am trying to tame (not silence, but understand and work with) the parts of me that can be harmful to others. My emotions have a tendency to run rampant, so in this sense, the card speaks to the literal silencing of mental power, and the break down in communication that happens when emotions take over. (astrological side note – i’m a Gemini sun, Cancer moon, Cancer rising. my SuperMoodyEmo Cancer-ishness definitely tends to overwhelm at times, making it damn near impossible to communicate clearly, calmly, and um, effectively.) Another way this card reflects my life-at-present, is in my recently re-kindled interest in practicing meditation. like, be really disciplined about it, dammit. because it would be good for me to see my thoughts for what they are – just thoughts: fleeting, passing, impermanent. So yes, I’d say I’m definitely in the throws of learning to master my mental domain. Which means bringing it into balance with everything else. Oy.

My third question was how can the Tarot guide me. I drew the Queen of Pentacles. I love that I drew another Queen. It tells me that we’re on the same page (me and the cards), and it reminds me of something really important – that tarot is a tool for tapping into my own wisdom. oh yeah. THAT. that’s how tarot helps me. that is everything.

But the cards went a step further and actually spoke to something else I’ve been sitting with lately: my story around money and abundance. Oh lord.

Pentacles are about the material and physical aspects of life, and are related to the element of earth. This card shows mastery of abundance. Prosperity. This card feels like Lakshmi to me (who’s image recently found its way to my wall, hey hey!)… beautiful reds and golds, shimmering with life, abundance, and um, COINS honey. I know my issues around abundance & lack (or more accurately – fear of too much abundance and too much lack) hold me in this stupid little realm of “safety” or whatever – which basically just keeps me from growing in the ways I want to grow. So yeah. This card is a reminder about all of that.

Prisma Visions tarot deck



Three card spreads are the most common (as far as i know. and i don’t claim to know much.) According to the little book that came with this deck, three card spreads can be read in a few different ways:

Past, Present, Future  ~~~ Situation, Action, Outcome  ~~~  Current Position, Aspiration, Path to take

So. If I look at the cards again, keeping this stuff in mind, what do these cards mean?

More or less the same thing, I find.

Be the fool (you’ve been the fool); Embrace the Queen of Swords (get your mental shit together), Abundance will follow (take care of your self and your money.)

Sweet. I can dig it.


Now, here’s a short video of Alan Watts quotes. Because Alan Watts rules. (it’s got me noticing my use of the word ‘journey’ – i really really love his take on this.)

Alan Watts – Why Your Life Is Not A Journey from David Lindberg on Vimeo.




2 thoughts on “TAROT (and a bit of Alan Watts)

  1. This is a gem!!!! I love the deck, I love your readings and I love the Alan Watts video!!
    you hit it out of the park 😉 What’s the deck called? I don’t need another but I’ll file it in the back and see if it pops up sometime. xoxo


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