a post about drumming

Born to Drum 2016

i love drumming.

i get lost in it

and sometimes it saves me.

similar to dancing, in a way…  transformative, expressive, cathartic

and so much fucking fun.

truth be told, drumming makes me feel powerful.

last month i went to a  women’s drum camp (and took precisely one photo, above). i’ve wanted to go ever since i first heard about it several years ago. i finally got my shit together, bought a ticket, and put it on my freaking calendar.

it was beautiful.

and for many days after i felt more human. content, present, connected to the world. i noticed a distinct shift in myself and the way i was interacting with other people.

(i even had some laughs / nice interactions with folks at a big box store in the burbs ya’ll – that’s where my irritation with the world tends to really surface, so it felt pretty huge.)

i just read this article on the health benefits of drumming and it got me all excited… yes! drumming! everyone let’s drum!

so my message today is – drum.
make rhythm.
do it alone.
do it with others.

you don’t even need to have actual drums. anything can be used to make rhythm – hands, cans, bottles, sticks, table tops, feet.

you could even try playing water:




2 thoughts on “a post about drumming

  1. I love this. I wanna be in your drum class 😉 I don’t want to drum alone.
    Actually I think there is a drum circle in SB on some weekends, I’ll look into that.
    Let’s all admit we are powerful women and not have to explain it 😉

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