incense in the mortar

i really love the incense i made. i can’t believe i created such a yummy smelling thing with whatever ingredients i had on hand. you guys! this feels heroic.

yeah, it’s basically copal, with some added goodies. (the orange and cloves are the most distinguishable scents. i think i’ll use more lavender next time – probably by adding some essential oil after the dry ingredients are mixed, since the flowers are seeing their last days now… god that was a tangent.)

the whole process makes me so damn happy.

i’ve been burning it at my favorite chill spot outside in the morning. it’s so enjoyable like that, i wonder what took me so long to think of it. (surrounded by nature, away from partner’s sensitive nose…)

aside from the copal (which i bought when i was in grad school, btw – it’s been packed away in a magic box for years. omg that’s a whole other post.) all of the ingredients were from plants that i care for myself.

which is to say, the love goes way back.

it’s like my own personal elixir.



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