now that the shit has risen


“Ashe is the power to affect change.” – Luisah Teish


These are bat shit crazy times.

The violence, hatred, racism, abuse of power, greed, corruption… it all feels like too much to handle.

As so many memes have pointed out – nothing new is happening, we just know about it now. All the shit is rising to the surface, and now we have to deal with it.

It’s time for some fucking transformation.

A teacher from my grad program – Luisah Teish – posted a ritual on her fb page that I want to share with you. (The full post is below.) She started it last night, but is continuing it every Saturday night for the next eight weeks. It is for anyone who wants to participate.

But first, a video. I had a good cry to this song this morning.

I think tears are also good medicine.


Yeye’s Ritual Recommendations:

To my community of Spirit:

Thank you so much for bringing our energies together to save our children, our sanity, and our Earth.
I especially want to pay homage and respect to Babalawo Oyasogo Ifakorede of Ajitena Temple who performed the divination to provide this guidance.

The ritual is being done tonight June 9, 2016 at 9 pm in your time zone wherever you are on the planet. Further my ancestors advised that we continue to do this for the next 9 Saturday nights (to Sept. 3).

The intention of this ritual is to stop the violence, cleanse our minds, and return us to the spiritual practices that create balance in our lives. We can bring the rain that stops the tears.

Those of you who belong to Ile’s, temples, churches and circles should follow the guidance of your elders. Each tradition will have ways of manifesting this work. This work may be done by everyone who wants a peaceful existence.

Here are my ritual recommendations.

The Fere: Make a loud noise!

You can blow a horn, beat a pan, pound a drum, shout, stomp, and clap. This may be done inside or outside. If you have Eshu/Elegba/Elleggua or other “reality transformer” deity please do this in the presence of that deity. You may do this in the crossroads of the streets, at the entrance to the forest/park, or you may place three rocks in a pile to serve as your focus.

We are asking that the human community wake-up; that the old spirits come back, that our ancient practices be renewed, and that the endangered species return. Make a loud sound and let it vibrate throughout the world.

This is big magic people. I’ve worked with this before and we will see a physical manifestation. Last time my Ile did this, there was a tsunami.

The Ero: Be Clear

The Ero calls for clear thought and good intentions. We must pray and project that prayer into the clouds above. We must set an intention to change and send it into the atmosphere. We must make a plan for a better life and call it out to the heavens. And then resisting pessimism and depression, we must anticipate a new beginning.

Then call for rain.

Ask the Sky Spirits to cleanse our minds, hearts, and bodies; to wash away the stench of fear, hatred, and violence, and the scars those leave upon our Earth.

Shake your rattles and your rain sticks, imitate frog calls and play recordings of the sound of rain falling on the Earth. Let your liquid body become one with the rain.

This method has been used to put out forest fires, to replenish dried out riverbeds, and to wash away the tears of weeping mothers.

If you are interested in co-creating a Rainmakers Society in your community, please keep your eyes open for future posting on this Facebook page. But begin your work tonight and let us continue until it is clear.

Be sure to express gratitude to the Babalawo who performed the divination.

And NEVER let those negative forces make you feel powerless.
Ashe is the power to affect change.
Let’s use ours now.

Thank you, Thank You,
Peace and blessing
Yeye Luisah Teish
Iyanifa Oshun Miwa Fajembola Fatunmise






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