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(Wild)Craft a loose incense for Lughnasadh

Originally posted on Inner Journey Events:
A loose incense I made earlier this year using frankincense, sandalwood, roses, dried orange peel and cinnamon bark. For your Lughnasadh (aka Lammas) rituals, consider crafting your own loose incense for burning on your altar or in a bonfire. Scott Cunningham suggested this recipe in his book The Complete…


now that the shit has risen

“Ashe is the power to affect change.” – Luisah Teish ~~~ These are bat shit crazy times. The violence, hatred, racism, abuse of power, greed, corruption… it all feels like too much to handle. As so many memes have pointed out – nothing new is happening, we just know about it now. All the shit… Continue reading now that the shit has risen