“Garbling herb is well performed in solitude, where it provides a prime opportunity to simultaneously garble one’s attitude and beliefs about life.” – James Green


herb cabinet


i have this fantasy about being an herbalist.

the scene in my head is of a magical kitchen filled with natural light, plenty of counter space, and a curious/exuberant mish mosh of plant matter.

the cupboards & drawers are devoted to keeping all of my funky/colorful bottles & jars, which are filled with dried herbs, tinctures, balms, salves, and so on.

when friends come to visit, i mix up a tea for the occasion. because, i mean, tea.

 i grow and harvest most of the herbs myself, or go out foraging in the wild.

foraging is the best part.




this fantasy feels ions away

but i’ve been making baby steps for a while… like the mortar & pestle i bought a couple years ago to grind spices. (so satisfying.)

and the lip balm i made once, using beeswax and other goods.

the other day i harvested some Mugwort and Dandelion from a garden i’ve been caring for for years.

i was so proud. first i was going to take awesome photos for my blog, and then i would get busy garbling and turning them into future medicines.

ha ha ha. by the time i got home the herbs were hot, wilted, and lifeless.

and so was i, for that matter. ugh this heat.


herb journal, color edit


i recently found an herb book that speaks to me. (The Herbal Medicine-Maker’s Handbook, by James Green)

i’ve gathered a few books over the years, and they’ve all left me bored me to tears, or confused & overwhelmed. Green entertains me, and he makes it seems doable.

inspired by his advice, i designated this little white notebook as my herb journal.

i know, it won’t be white for very long, but it’s so sweet. and, it was given to me by my mom. (thanks mama <3)

look! i even made my first attempt at drawing a plant! it was surprisingly fun and educational. (seriously.)

i don’t know what the plant is, but it grows where i live. it sort of reminds me of Yarrow, Fennel, & Milk Thistle. maybe medicinal?

how will i found out?


now here’s a song/video i like. it has nothing to do with herbs. except for maybe the words feral, and love.



stay cool out there my friends,



2 thoughts on “garbling

  1. That made me laugh, Sami. I know I have spent lifetimes in little houses in the woods being an herbal magician. It feels like I was killed for it once or twice, the sleepers often weren’t grateful 😉

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