song, memory, tattoo

i’m thinking about getting another tattoo.

four lines from a song my grandpa loved…

one of our sweet neighbors sang it at his funeral.

when i listen to it, i think of my cute little grandpa’s face, and smile.

and shed a few tears too.


I’ll find you in the morning sun

and when the night is new

I’ll be looking at the moon

but I’ll be seeing you.


love you grandpa. happy late father’s day.



One thought on “song, memory, tattoo

  1. That’s funny Sami, that song was written the year I was born and it was on the radio while I was a child, along with endless Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.
    But I’m perfectly happy to hear it without having it tattooed on my body 😉 Can’t you just tattoo it on your brain or your heart???
    I can’t wrap my senses around making anything on my body permanent – the wrinkles are enough 😉


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