well what do you know – i just took a foot bath before reading this! definitely recommend it, as always 😉 but maybe especially right now, and for the next six months.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


The Neptune Retrograde asks us to look at our most cherished beliefs, ideals and projections – and to rip them to shreds, wherever they may cast illusion or veil over a deeper Truth. Many of us will also be re-visiting our idea of Formless Spirit and ways and spaces in which we explore this energy.

For some, this energy will be welcomed as it will help us strip away the shackles which (we continue to allow to) hold us down in our spiritual awakening. For others, it is exactly this challenge that will make the Retrograde seem so daunting.

As we head deeper into the pools of Neptunian illusion, deception, mystery, and potential transcendence – we will also encounter our past selves and the karmic dynamics which link us with those selves. We may also find soul contracts or relationships which have that ineffable quality of Mystery to them…

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