a handmade book. sort of.

several weeks ago i made my first visit to SCRAP.

i’d heard about this place for years, but had no idea what to expect.

they had fabric and art supplies, metal scraps and plastics parts, and all manor of random odds and ends. they even had a free section! i loved the free section.

when i was getting ready to check out, i spotted on a shelf, between old posters and used buttons, a  pile of antique books like this one. no pages, just the shells.

they really spoke to me.

book cover

i bought a few, having no idea what i was going to do with them. (most likely nothing, and who cares, i decided.)

but the other night i was a bit bored, so i started to play with one.

book 1

first i added some post cards, from my stash.

then i collaged in some images.

book 2

and before i knew it, i had made a sweet and strange little book that might tell a profound story full of symbol and meaning.

book 3

or not.




May 7th – spontaneous magical update!

the book shell (+ back pages) has found its soul, its companion – its innards, if you will.

i got the bright (and completely obvious) idea to combine it with my current art journal this morning.

it’s so damn happy. like it was meant to be ;]

tales of a fairy court

^there it is, enjoying some morning rain on my favorite alchemical stump.

i’m so in love with this merging i could cry.

here’s what the new inside covers look like…

inside front cover


inside back


the meaning-quotient of this book just went through the fucking roof.

plus, the colors!





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