sigil super mega cropped altered hues

il n’y a plus rien à dire

j’en ai fait tout un fromage*

j’ai renversé les haricots quoi! ;]


et… oui

le jour serais si bon

quand nous nous voyons encore

(tes yeux mon souri tes bras enroulé autour de mon corps comme c’est si normale)

on parlerait de nos vies passées



ça monde n’existe que dans

ma tête enfantine


et cela me va assez bien.




* i learned these two expressions and wanted to put them to use.

‘retrouvailles’ is a word that refers to the experience of seeing someone you haven’t seen in a long time.

‘faire tout un fromage’ means to make a big deal of something.

‘renverser les haricots’ is not a french expression. it’s a literal translation from the english ‘to spill the beans’. cuz i like to rock the franglais.

the image is a sigil i painted several months ago. with a candle lit in front of it. i tweaked the colors digitally.


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