a necklace for Oya

i made this necklace yesterday.

(pardon the dorky selfie)

Oya necklace

the stone is Agate.

you have to see it in person to understand how spectacular it is.

i fell in mad, deep love with this stone when i saw it. i thought it would make a fabulous necklace. for someone else.

(not for me. purple is not my color.)


the way it is with me and rocks – i really fucking love them.

i’m not an expert on the “healing qualities” of stones.

i just think rocks are incredibly badass.

i dig on their flaws – their textures and markings, colors, shapes, and curves.

the fact that they come from the sweet, dirty earth.

(which makes them full of crazy awesome energy, to be sure.)

when a rock catches my eye, it’s like it’s saying; “hey, come check me out! aren’t I fly? don’t you wanna work with this?”

and yes. yes i do.

fabric bowl (original)

this lovely bowl is where i keep some of my stones. it sits on the desk by my computer, so i get to look at it often.

i hardly ever sit down with the specific goal of making something.

more often, it’s that i’m sitting here, and a rock will start pulling my energy so hard that i’m paying more attention to it than my computer or paperwork or whatever.

and before i know it, i’m deeply engrossed in the process of figuring out what to do to make it wearable and awesome.


take yesterday morning: i was having a solo dance party at my desk (to the song i can’t stop listening to), and that particular Agate was looking right at me

being tempting as hell.

so, in i dove. and the piece came together in that auspicious-feeling-sorta-way when things just come together.

as soon as i started working with the stone, i knew the piece was for Oya.

i don’t love purple, but She does.

when it was finished, i immediately put it on.

it hangs at my sternum, between my boobs. just where i like it.

it hasn’t come off since.

and damn if it doesn’t feel pretty fucking good on me ;]


the real juice is what happened today – i spontaneously created the most elegant necklace i’ve ever made.

100% Oya inspired.

i think it’s a new chapter in jewelry making.


and ya Oya!



ps – i’ll share the new piece with you one of these days, when the mood strikes. and probably also on facebook.


2 thoughts on “a necklace for Oya

  1. Woohoo! I love that! It’s the way I accumulated most of the stuff in my house!
    Yay, hey, over here, I’m here, Pami, don’t you want to take me home.
    I’d sometimes say yes BUT you’re too heavy, you take up too much room in my pack, i can’t carry all this stuff. Sometimes I’d even walk away but I couldn’t bear to leave it and I’d go back 😉


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