so damn liberating

i’m artjournaling again :] here’s a glimpse of my current book:

i’m having so much fun with this one.

no rules. no goals. no prompts or guides. just play play play &

who gives a shit how it looks.

each entry an honest expression of that moment

and nothing more.

if you’ve never art-journaled, and are curious:

there’s something so damn liberating about journaling with images, shapes & colors, rather than words, words, words.

(of course, words are good too. read this for some how-to’s)

even more liberating, is to be completely spontaneous & nonchalant about the images, shapes & colors that you use.

then, to varnish the images together as you go, with playfulness and frolicking darling.

(varnish = pure love)

i’ve seen others collage and art journal this way (like my friend JenaJoy), but i’ve never been very good at the whole casual approach.

(i’m really, really good at agonizing over every move, however.)

to abandon that tendency and let it be goofy and nonsensical feels like such a relief!


and now, for no particular reason, here’s a song (with video) that i’ve been loving lately. Oya is still with me. it gets really juicy when the drums come in.






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